Raspberries (Coho) - SEASONAL

Raspberries (Coho) - SEASONAL


Our raspberries are from Sauvie Island Farm on Sauvie Island, OR.

We love how these Coho Raspberries turned out, they are crunchy an airy and finish with a nice sweetness. Coho Raspberries are a highly-rated large, bright red, very firm and flavorful berry. Raspberries are high in antioxidants, plant compounds that protect against cell damage. We love this Northwest raspberry on its own as a treat or mixed in our breakfast bowls, paired with chocolate, sprinkled on cakes, or use it to make a backcountry berry crisp!

Order this dehydrated ingredient by the ounce. Our foods are packaged in cotton muslin reusable bags. If you are buying in bulk, we will package your food in the largest container we can.

We suggest storing our food in an airtight container for the longest shelf life.

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