Frequently Asked Questions

Only Portland, Oregon?! What Gives?!

Fernweh Food Company is a small but mighty company. We want to make sure we grow within our means, so we are starting with local sales only to the Portland market. We are hoping to expand sales statewide within a few months. Our goal is to sell across the US within the year. Please follow us on social media or sign up for our newsletter for updates. If you are outside of Portland but can’t wait to try our food, please get in touch on our Contact page and we will see if we can work something out. Thank you for your patience and understanding as we grow this startup into something BIG!

I’m In Portland, How do I get my hands on your food?

Order our adventure food online. Right now we have 2 options for delivery:

  1. Golden Pliers Pickup - Our friends at Golden Pliers Bicycle Repair and Supply are a pickup spot for orders, they are located at NE Skidmore and Interstate. For $.50 you can have your order delivered on Tuesdays (for orders placed after 8am on Thursday - until 5pm on Monday) and Thursday (for orders placed Monday after 5pm - Thursday at 8am). Your order can be picked up anytime they are open; check their website for current shop hours.

  2. Local Delivery - We are offering delivery to the Portland area for a flat rate of $7.00

how long does your food stay fresh?

We recommend storing our food in an airtight and waterproof container for the longest shelf life; if stored this way your food is good for 6 months. If you also keep the airtight/waterproof container in the fridge or freezer, you can extend your shelf life for up to a year. If stored in the cotton bags, your food will be fresh for a few weeks.

How do I cook your Meals?

We love our reusable cotton bags, but they are not for cooking! We recommend using a bowl or mug with a lid, a sealable bag (silicone or freezer bag), or cook in your pot. Empty our meals into your container of choice, and add boiling water. If you have a coozie or something to insulate your container, this will help to speed up the rehydration time and will ensure your meals is nice and hot when it’s time to dig in.

What’s in your food?

We are proud to offer only plant-based (aka vegan) meals. Our kitchen is 100% plant-based as well. We are working towards being 100% gluten-free but do use a pasta that has gluten and our kitchen space is shared with folks who use gluten in their cooking. We use tree nuts and soy in some of our recipes.

We use local and organic produce whenever possible. As we grow we will have more options available to us and hope to one day be 100% local and organic.

We are growing our list of local farms we partner with. If you are a local farmer or just have an overabundance of local grown organic produce, please reach out to us as we would love to work with you!

How does the bulk ordering work? How much Do I need?

We offer all our meals and ingredients in bulk so you have the freedom to order the amount you need. If you have a big appetite after a day of adventuring or if you just want to try a few of our meals out before committing, we have you covered.

We offer all our meals and ingredients by the ounce. A “traditional” portion for a dinner is 5oz and 3.5oz for our Breakfast Bowl; you can buy our meals in these sizes or choose the amount you want by the ounce so you can order food for your whole crew and share the same meal together!

For our fruits and vegetables, we offer these items by the ounce at “market price”. These are generally seasonal items that we buy when they are at their peak freshness. On average 1 ounce of dried fruit or vegetable is equal to about 9 oz. of fresh.

What do you mean by seasonal ingredients?

For our seasonal ingredients, we are buying these items when they are in season and at their peak freshness. Because of this, we do small batches of these items and when they run out, we may not carry them again until the following year. If you really love one of our seasonal items and would like to see it again, please let us know on our contact page as we may be able to do special orders if you ask nicely. ;)

I love your logo, please tell me more about it!

As we were dreaming up our logo, we were lucky to work with the super talented, Mary Lytle. They helped us work through our vision and come up with a logo that we are more than thrilled about. Check out more of their work and find out how they can help you define your brand vision here!

Did we miss something?

If you can’t find the answers you are looking for here, please send us a message on our contact page and we will be in touch shortly!