About Us

I’m Ashley Lance, the owner and founder of Fernweh Food Company. Originally a side hustle, Fernweh Food Co. has turned into a dream realized: sharing the food I love with people who love to adventure.

I began making my own food in 2015 for bike tours and backpacking trips because I value knowing what I'm putting into my body. On these adventures, I found that my fellow travelers were eager to try what I had made. With some encouragement from friends and my partner, I decided to give this side hustle a chance to be the real deal.

Since I began adventuring, I have found the abundance of packaging and garbage piling up at trailhead trash cans and out in the wilderness to be disheartening. In an effort to be a part of the solution, I want to make this company as earth-conscious as I can. Taking a cue from the three R's, Fernweh Food Co. is doing its part to reduce the amount of single use plastics going into the wild by utilizing packaging that is 100% reusable. We cut down on food waste and lessen our carbon footprint by using produce that is local and seasonal.

I am excited to bring a mix of passion, experience, and a taste for adventure into this exciting endeavor. Thank you for supporting this crazy dream to bring damn delicious meals in low-impact packaging to the adventurer in all of us!


Our Goals

Fernweh Food Company is focused on bringing a few new concepts to the adventure foods market:

  • Bulk dehydrated foods

  • Low-impact packaging

  • Seasonal local produce

Bulk Dehydrated Foods. We are excited to offer our dehydrated meals, vegetables, legumes and grains in bulk. This means you can order what you want by the ounce! If you are someone with a large or small appetite, you can make sure you have the right amount of food for your adventure. Buying in bulk will help you to reduce the amount of waste you produce and the amount of weight you carry. You can order complete meals, or you can order vegetables, grains and legumes to mix your own meals or to spice up a backcountry favorite. By offering bulk, you get what you want in the amount you need.

Low Impact Packaging. Our adventure foods are sold in bulk so you can order the exact amount you need. Our meals are delivered to you in reusable, food-safe cotton muslin bags. These bags are machine washable and food-safe; we hope you will keep these bags and use them in your daily life for bulk grocery shopping, organizing, or whatever you dream up. We are happy to refill your containers with our food at our Thursday Market starting on July 11th, 2019.

Seasonal Local Produce. We are lucky to live in the Pacific Northwest, which is an oasis for delicious, organic produce. Fernweh Food Company is focused on bringing the best of what’s fresh and seasonal to your next adventure. We purchase seasonal produce and seconds (aka the ugly fruits and veggies) and dehydrate them while they are at their peak deliciousness. By doing this, we are preserving the best produce at its freshest and most flavorful while reducing food and packaging waste. This means that we will have a rotating assortment of offerings in limited batches; you will not see the same products available year-round but what we do have will be freshly made! If you find a favorite, think about stocking up when it’s available so you don’t have to wait until it’s in season again!


Our Food

After years of eating these meals on our own adventures, we are excited to share our favorites with you!

Over the next few months we will roll out a few more meals, so please stay tuned! We offer rotating seasonal bulk foods so you can add farm fresh, dehydrated ingredients to your own meals! These items will be based on what our farmers have available - check back often to see how our offerings grow, or better yet, sign up below for updates straight to your inbox.


What does Fernweh Mean?

FERNWEH - ( noun )
Pronunciation: fern•way
Origin: Germany
Definition: "Far-longing"- an ache for distant places; a longing for places you've never been; a feeling even stronger than wanderlust.